Small Emitters


All the advice on this site is given freely and without charge. The aim of the site is to give small emitters all the information they need to comply with the scheme, but for those wanting a more hands on service, I would be happy to provide a quote for a tailored service.


Having guided a new verification body through accreditation process, and worked as the technical manager, delivering the verifications for the first two years under the scheme, I know exactly what the verifiers and regulators are looking for. I am also an aviation (rather than environmental) professional, and as such I am uniquely suited to be able to help you set up processes which meet both the needs of the regulators and the practical ways in which you operate.


If you would like more information, please contact me.


Large Emitters


Although much of the information of this site is useful to large emitters, due to the varying scale of their operations, it is not possible to provide one size-fits-all solutions to these operators in the way I can for small emitters. I can, however, provide ad hoc advice, prepartion of plans, reports & procedures or training to staff of operators of all sizes. For more information, please contact me.


Press & Conferences


I am also happy to write articles, assist journalists in articles they are writing and speak at conferences.



For information about any of these services, or any other service you may require, please contact me