Aircraft Records Conference


Photo Courtesy of Aeropodium

Neil Duffy, founder of, spoke at a conference on Aircraft Records in London last Friday, focusing on the data requirements created by the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.


Mr Duffy said of the event, “It was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the new requirements of the Emissions Trading Scheme with the professionals who have the skills and background to set up the robust compliance processes required by the scheme, but who quite often aren’t the individuals within organisations responsible for their compliance.”


The presentation covered issues such as legal complications when identifying who is actually operating and aircraft, common errors in the data and the quality assurance processes required.


Mr Duffy continued, “Probably the most interesting topic of discussion was the new requirement to retain records for 10 years. Previously operators would destroy all records two or three years after they scrap the aircraft, or hand them over immediately when selling the aircraft, but the EU ETS places new requirements to retain many of the documents for much longer.”


The event, which had been organised by Aeropodium, had over 50 delegates representing many sectors of the industry, including business jet operators, leasing companies and airlines. Other presentations were given on a variety of topics related to aircraft records.



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