ETS Checklist

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme is a massive administrative burden for small operators. The Scheme was designed for large power plants and factories, and when they included aviation, business aviation was crowbarred into the same set of rules, without taking the scale of the organisations that actually operate private aircraft into account.


While working as a verifier during the first two years of the scheme, I saw first hand how many of these small emitters struggled to comply with these rules. Despite this, I actually believe that if you avoid getting bogged down in aspects of the scheme which don't apply to you, it can be very easy to comply.

What is this site for?

This site is designed to help operators to understand what is and isn't required of them, and to comply with the scheme as easily and at as low a cost as possible. Much oif the content is being developed, but soon it will contain all the information you need to submit a report, draft procedures, collect & check your data and prepare your report for verification. The information is primarily aimed at small emitters, but large emitters may find plenty of useful guidance on the site too.


The main content of the site will be checklists, which guide you step by step through everything you need to do to comply. These are still in development, but if you need to understand the scheme, our 'About the Scheme' section is live now.



All of the advice on the site is offered freely, though for those wanting a little extra help, there is a range of premium services available, ranging from template procedures to complete compliance products and large emitter consultancy.